men's made to measure and custom made clothing

    Corneliani - custom men's suits. Mantova, Italy. Measurements can be taken in many major cities.

    Hickey Freeman - custom men's suits. Rochester, USA. Contact them regarding ordering.

    Langlitz Leathers - custom men's leather jackets. Portland, USA. Start by ordering their catalog.

    Luciano Barbera - custom men's suits. Milano, Italy. Milano and NY showrooms.

    Moreschi Scarpe - custom men's shoes. Italy. Order online.

    Pal Zileri - custom men's suits. Italy. Contact them regarding ordering.

    Paul Fredrick - custom men's dress shirts. USA. Order online.

    Ravazzolo - custom men's suits. Florence, Italy. Showrooms in NY, Osaka, Middle East, and European cities.

    Seize sur Vingt - custom men's shirts and suits. New York, USA. Order online.

    Truzzi Camicie - custom men's shirts. Milano, Italy. Showrooms in many major cities.

    Wesco Boots - custom men's boots. Oregon, USA. Start by ordering their catalog.

    * - online shopping

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